Woodworking company Ltd "Apsites AG"

Production of aspen and alder furniture parts, frames and sauna decoration materials

Woodworking company 

Ltd "Apsites AG"

Ltd "Apsites AG" is founded in 1993.The company has accumulated experience in production of birch and aspen materials. In recent years, the company has focused on production of the aspen furniture and sauna decoration materials. The company also produce sawn materials. Ltd "Apsites AG" is member of Latvian woodworking entrepreneurs and exporters' association from its foundation. In 2011 Ltd "Apsites AG" received FSC certificate which allows to operate by the FSC supply chain principles.

FSC Ltd "Apsites AG" no. C129592

“Ask for FSC® certificied product.”

We buy aspen and alder sawlogs throughout Vidzeme region

✔ Lenght in metres: 3.1 m, 

✔ Diameter in centimetres: 20- 60   cm, 

✔ Price upon agreement.

Contact for the purchase of logs

 +371 29451256